The products displayed in our Online store are stored in our warehouse. Orders will be processed within 24 hours ot the receipt of payment. It may happen that products are temporarily unavailable and though it occurs rarely, customers will be contacted immediately and in case of advanced payment, money will be returned in a few hours. For all items being marked or labelled as unavailable, that means they will not be purchasable therefore you will not have the possibility to order them.


In compliance with legislative decree no 206 of 6 September 2005, and  legislative decree no 185 of 22 may 1999 and in application of Directive 97/7/CE of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 May 1997 on the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts consumers shall have the right to exercise the right of withdrawal within / by no later than 14 days and they do not need to have, or provide, a reason for withdrawing. 

Right of withdrawal may be exercised by making written notification. A notification may be sent electronic mail, provided that a confimation must be given by registration letter ( with notification of receipt ) to "A.S ELETTROMECCANICA di Sgrignoli Alessandro via per Fossacesia 48 - 66034 Lanciano, CHIETI, Italy, by no later than 48 hours thereafter. No reasons for the right of withdrawal are needed.

Money will be transferred by wire transfer or shall appear on paypal account or credit card used for the transaction. Refunds are generally made within 30 days of receiving the notification of right of withdrawal. Refunds shall cover the items purchased value as they will not cover the shipping costs instead.

Money will not be returned in case of damage or misuse, if the product sent back for refund does not include packaging or is not in new or like - new condition. We shall not refund items showing signs of tempering and alteration caused by unathorised use or modification of the product. Money will not be returned to customers in case of any damage caused by external factors out of control, including transit damage. Payment on delivery for returned items will not be accepted, therefore customers are required to pay the shipping costs.

The right of withdrawal ceases to exist and is not applicable:
• To VAT registered traders or businesses;
• To products whose cost does not exceed € 50 - shipping costs are not included (as per no 21 Legislative Decree of 21 february 2014 section. 47, (2) ) 
• To the supply of customized products such as ropes, hoses, pipes, all items sold by the Metre as well as items that are unable to be sold again;
• to the supply of audio/video production equipment, software toolkit sold in boxes, whose seal has been removed by buyers. 


Are all items displayed online available? How long should I await to get them?
All items are available and are shipped within 24 hours of receipt of payment, then they are forwarded to express couriers. Normally, the product delivery takes a few business days. When the products are labelled as unavailable, they can't be purchased

Is payment on delivery possible ?

Yes, it is.

When I pay by wire transfer, can I send the receipt in order to speed up the shipping process?

Sorry, it is not possible. All orders are processed once we get receipt of payment. Processing time depends on it, then you may select a quicker payment method.