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Set 30 Pz. Avvitatura Foratura Coldfire AEG 4932430410 Punte Bussole Bit Mecchie

Screwing and drilling Coldfire AEG 30 piece set bits with auger bits and sleeves

Reference: 4932430410

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HSS-G drill bits for metal surfaces
drill bits for stone
Hex head sleeves
Helical bits for wood drilling
flat head auger bits for wood drilling
Bit lenght 25 mm
magnetic bit holder 1/4” hex

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Punte HSS-G per metallo: 1x Ø 2, 1x Ø 2,5, 1x Ø 3, 1x Ø 4, 1x Ø 5, 1x Ø 6 mm
Punte per pietra: 1x Ø 5, 1x Ø 6, 1x Ø 7, 1x Ø 8 mm
Bussole per viti a testa esag.: 1x Hex6, 1x Hex8, 1x Hex10
Punte elicoidali per legno: 1x Ø 3, 1x Ø 4, 1x Ø 5, 1x Ø 6, 1x Ø 8 mm
Mecchie per legno a testa piatta: 1x Ø 16, 1x Ø 18 mm
Bit lungh. 25 mm (1 pz per tipo): SL 0,6x4,5, SL 0,8x5,5, PH1, PH2, PH3, PZ1, PZ2, PZ3, TX15
Portabit magnetico 1/4” esagonale
Cod. art. 4932430410

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